Peter Xinya Zhang

Associate Professor (Tenured)

Department of Audio Arts and Acoustics

Columbia College Chicago


Columbia College Chicago, USA

     Department of Audio Arts and Acoustics

          Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Science in Acoustics     — 2016-present

          Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Arts in Live Sound Reinforcement     — 2021-present

          Associate Professor (Tenured)     — 2012-present

          Assistant Professor     — 2006-2012

          Established the acoustics program, oversee the B.S. degree in Acoustics and B.A. degree in Live Sound programs, teach courses

          and research on psychoacoustics, perception, auditory physiology, binaural hearing, architectural acoustics, acoustical modeling

          and testing, and human voice

     Director of China Initiative     — 2012-2016

          Recruitment, collaborations, and partnership

Chicago Chapter, Acoustical Society of America (ASA)

     Chair          — 2010-2013

     Council Member and E-board Member     — 2013-present

     Reactivated the Chicago chapter, established a network of local professionals in acoustics, organized academic and industry events

Peking University, China

     Visiting Professor, Summer School International     — 2017-present

     Taught The arts of Chinese traditional performance in English to international students

International Research Center for Peking Opera Heritage

     Researcher     — 2014-present

National Institute of Cultural Development, China

     Researcher     — 2014-present


Psychoacoustics, Perception, Architectural acoustics, Binaural hearing, Spatial hearing, Virtual reality, Auditory physiology, Singing voice, Acoustics and its applications in media arts, Cultural and creative industry, and Chinese traditional performing arts


Michigan State University, USA     2000-2006     Ph.D.

     Psychoacoustics Laboratory, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Peking University, China     1993-1997     B.S.

     Department of Physics, Honors Science Program


Department of Audio Arts and Acoustics

     Chair, Department Curriculum Committee     — 2021-present

     Member, Bachelor of Science Degree Committee     — 2009-2011

     Successfully established the Bachelor of Science degree program for acoustics majors

     Part-time Faculty Reviewer     — 2020-present

     Assessment Coordinator     — 2008-2011

     Scholarship Review Coordinator     — 2019-2022

Member, School of Media Arts Curriculum Committee, Member     — 2009, 2021-present

Member, President's Budget Advisory Board     — 2019-present

Member, Faculty Senate     — 2017-2019

Faculty Representative, College Council     — 2007-2010

Faculty Advisor, Acoustical Society of America-Columbia College Student Chapter     — 2008-2012, 2017-present

Advisor of the Year 2018-2019, Columbia College Chicago     — 2019

Faculty Advisor, Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Columbia College Chicago     — 2014-2017

Member, All-college Tenure Committee     — 2018-2019

Member, Committee of the Faculty and Staff Scholarship Initiative     — 2018-2019

     Fundraise through events and contributions by the faculty and staff to sponsor scholarships for students


Peking University Alumni Association of Midwestern United States

     President     — 2012-2013

     Vice President     — 2010-2012

Society of Chinese American Professors and Scientists

     President     — 2016-present

     Secretary General     — 2011-2016


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Psychoacoustics, Perception and cognition of sound, Applied acoustics (Musical acoustics), Architectural Acoustics, Studies in hearing (Auditory physiology), Acoustical modeling, Acoustical Testing I and II, Fundamentals of Vibration Analysis

Arts of Chinese traditional performance, Arts of the human voice


MC, Lantern Festival Performance Gala, Broadcast by the NCTV17, Naperville, IL     — 2018

Tenor soloist, Fundraising Concert, Columbia College Chicago     — 2018

Tenor soloist, Charity Concert at the Admiral at the Lake, Chicago, IL     — 2016

Tenor soloist, Messiah (by George Frideric Handel), 2nd Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL     — 2012


Acoustical Society of America, Member     — 2000-present

Audio Engineering Society, Member     — 2007-present

CEO Roundtable Chicago, Member          — 2014-present